Friday, April 15, 2011

Personalize your Baby Shower Invitation to Make it More Special

A baby is a blessing to parents, be it a first baby or already the fifth.  Preparing for the coming of a new baby is an exciting event shared by parents with their friends and relatives.  A good way to get ready for the needs of a new baby is by holding a baby shower.  Aside from helping parents financially, baby showers are a venue for mothers to prepare themselves emotionally for giving birth.     

The food and venue are not the only aspects of a baby shower that should be given attention to.  Another important part of baby showers that requires time and energy is the baby shower invitation.  There are many baby shower invitations that can be easily bought at stores or online.  But sometimes we are not satisfied by the numerous designs available and also want to make our invitation more special.  As long as you have enough time, one way to do so is by personalizing your baby shower invitation. 

Before you start making your personalized baby shower invitations, it would be helpful to get ideas by looking at the ready-made ones being sold commercially.  This way you can combine the styles of baby shower invitations that you like. 

Choose what your invitation will look like, whether it would be a folded card, a one-page card, or in a more unique form such as pop-up cards or scrolls.  Decide what color or design will be the theme of your baby shower invitation – blue or green for boys, pink or purple for girls; the design could be baby accessories such as baby bottles or cute animals such as ducks or bears.  Then decide what material you would use for your invitation – you could use cardboard paper or colored paper.   

You can print the design and text on the invitation and even add a picture of you.  Experiment with various font styles and color.  If you know how to use photo editing programs such as Photoshop, then you can make them more creative.  If you have time and you are good in arts, you can personally write and draw it.  You can also make a different design for each of the guests.   

Personalizing your baby shower invitations adds fun to your preparation.  It can also make you feel more excited about giving out the invitations since you know these were made with love.              

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