Monday, June 27, 2011

Unique baby shower games

Baby Shower Games could become the main attraction of these parties. To make a baby shower party attractive, prizes for these games could be arranged. These easy to play games follow simple rules and involve every one attending the party. Without these games baby shower parties become a drab affair of people gathering together, exchanging niceties, encouraging the ‘would-be mother’ and having some finger food and beverages.  
Baby Shower Invitations are sent to friends and relatives of the ‘to-be’ mother. These invitations are sent by the host who usually is a friend or an elderly lady member of the family. To add variety to these parties there are a number of games that could be arranged. ‘Guess mommy’s tummy’ is a favorite in these parties. Participants are required to cut strings as per their guess of the new mother’s tummy. These strings are then placed across ‘mommy’s tummy’ one by one; the person whose string comes closest wins a prize.  
Naming of baby items is among the more popular baby shower games. Participants are given out a piece of paper each and a pen or pencil. Within a stipulated time, say five minutes, participants are to write down as many baby items they could think of. Person having the most number of appropriate items becomes the winner. 

Baby boy shower Ideas

Baby boy shower is a ritual among communities to celebrate the birth of a boy. Traditionally, baby shower is a festival held a few weeks before the birth of a child or immediately after it. Initially though it was held before or after the birth of a family’s first baby, presently it is held for all babies.  
It is customary to keep the ritual a secret to the would-be mother and invite women only. Usually close friends host these parties which is kept secret to the new mother till the last moment. Baby shower invitations now-a-days are also given to men. According to traditions, invitees are expected to carry gifts which are needed by a baby, like feeding bottles, diapers, toys, clothes and so on.  
Baby boy shower ideas also include playing of unique games connected to the new born. Invitees are enthusiastic about participating in these games. These games could include guessing baby’s names, tasting of baby foods and the like. In such baby shower parties guests are treated to tasty dishes, but meals are not served. Cakes and finger food are usually served in these parties.  
Baby showers are a way of getting relatives together, especially womenfolk who could advice the new to-be mother on baby care and baby tips.