Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Shower Invitations

If you are planning a baby shower program, then some beautiful baby shower invitations embedded with a photo of the soon-to-be mom can be a wonderful way of inviting your family and guests to the program. However, planning baby shower program based on a particular theme can really make wonders. But in that case, you should also send your baby shower invitations based on that particular theme. Softer colors such as baby pink and blue should be used for baby shower invites. Finally, make the invitation look unique by adding a white, silver or golden ribbon.
As far as the photo on the invitation is concerned, you can either use the photo of the expectant mother or of both the mother and the father. But always remember that your baby shower invitations should contain the date, time as well as the venue of the program. You can also include your address as well as phone number for better communication.
Unlike in the yesteryears, today, you will get different types of baby shower invitations templates on the Internet. In addition, you will also come across some lovely baby shower quotes and poems. So just browse through them and make your baby shower invitations a lifetime memorable event for your family and guests.

Baby shower invitations

Baby shower invitations are a good way of gathering people to wish an expectant mother. Baby shower should ideally take place 4 to 6 weeks before expected delivery date. Though baby showers are usually informal affairs restricted to family members and friends a formal invitation could always be made.

Baby shower invitation cards are readily available at stationeries, or gift shops. These come in attractive prints and designs. It is always a good idea to take the expectant mother for selecting an invitation card. Blank baby shower cards are also available where invitations could be hand written. Many prefer to use these cards as there is a personal touch in hand written invitations.

Bay shower invitations could also be sent through mobile phones or e-mails. Mobile phone invitations would surely find the recipients, while invitations send via e-mails is subject to recipients’ checking of mail boxes. E-mails is the cheapest form of sending baby shower invitations. There are websites from where texts for invitations are readily available. Sitting in the comfort of your home or work place these baby shower invitations could be sent fast and easy. All invitations should be sent few weeks in advance enabling recipients to reply in proper time.