Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Shower Budget Costs for Your Baby Shower Party

Throwing a baby shower is a very old phenomenon among people but presently baby showers have gained a more refined connotation. Baby showers can be huge, lavish occasions which are quite expensive at times. 

You need to plan a budget for your baby shower party at the first place so that you don’t end up ruining it by making last minutes changes and subtractions. Hosting a shower alone can cost you a fortune, why not co-host it with some of your friends? This will help you to manage expenses in a very efficient manner. Along with expenses you can even divide the share of work among yourselves such as the baby shower invitations, decorations, food or even the job of maintaining your overall budget. 

Friends and family members may prove very helpful to you at this juncture. What’s the use of employing professional cooks and photographers when you will get it for free? Friends can help you by volunteering to cook the food, decorating the house, organizing games, hence reducing the load of work and expenses you would had to bear otherwise. Other measures to reduce your party budget would be to reuse any leftover decorations, using disposable plates, preparing homemade gifts for the party, and sending e-card baby shower invitations to the guests.

Baby Shower Cake Alternatives

Every mother wants their baby shower to be big and wonderful. It is a huge job to throw a baby shower party with all those baby shower invitations, gifts and decorations. Choosing the perfect baby shower cake can also be very challenging at times. If you are bored of trying the conventional store bought baked sweat bread cake with color blocks, then there are a whole lot of other options to plan your perfect baby shower cake.

Deviating from the basic structure of a cake, balls of cake with frosting on a stick usually called cake pops are a delightful way to substitute the idea of a traditional cake. Frozen cakes are also an option in this case.

Mesmerize yourself with the chocolate lava cakes with a topping of raspberries or chocolate dipped strawberries; this would be a huge hit among your guests. You cannot resist the calorie laden cheesecake when it is garnished with lumps of cheese and chocolate toppings. 

The concept of individual cake is also in vogue these days. If you do not wish to have a full cake then you can very well go for the gluten-free yellow baked sweat bread recipe and prepare cupcakes for your guests. A more creative idea would be to match the design of your cake with the decorations you have in mind. Baby shower invitations could not be more delicious when you know what to do.